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Info about our products

What condition will my product be in? (Grade A, Grade B, GradeC)

Inside, all of our products are 100% functional. Regarding their external appearance, their condition depends on the grade:

AT: New appearance, no scratches on the shell and screen is intact and without scratches.

B: Micro scratches, invisible at more than 20 cm on the shell, the screen is intact and without scratches.

Light but visible stripes on the hull. the screen may have micro-scratches, invisible when it is on. 


Be aware that all our devices are functional, small scratches may appear on our weakest grades. Impacts and / or traces of use may be found on the back and sides of the product, depending on the grade assigned to it. In any case, know that by ordering from us, if it turns out that the product you receive did not give you full satisfaction, you have 14 days to return your device and request a full refund for your purchase.